Formally Establishing the Church

Since embarking on the “replant” of our congregation in June of 2015, we have been in a time of transition. During this time of transition, we have been without a formal constitution and by-laws. It is also during this time that we have, as a congregation, sought to define our unique mission in this place, and an appropriate governing structure to help accomplish that mission. 

During this time of transition, we have been led by an appointed Mission Team. As part of the Mission Team's charge, we have drafted a new constitution and by-laws which have been approved by the LCMS Pacific Southwest District Constitution Committee.

Now, our constitution and bylaws must be approved by the Voters’ Assembly.  However, we have to first establish a Voters’ Assembly!  The Mission Team has outlined a one-time process to accomplish this. 

FIRST – We will have a congregational meeting and potluck on Sunday, November 5, 2017, immediately following the worship service.  At this meeting, Pastor Kyle will present the basic tenets of Lutheran Christianity and the unique mission of The Gathering Lutheran Church.  All baptized attendees of the entire presentation will have the opportunity to be confirmed or to reaffirm their confirmation.  Copies of the proposed constitution and bylaws will also be available at this meeting.

SECOND – Those that were unable to attend the first meeting may request to be accepted as confirmed members by notifying Pastor Kyle no later than November 15, 2017.  Those requesting to be confirmed members will be accepted at Pastor’s discretion.

THIRD – A second meeting on November 26, 2017 will be a formal “reading” of the new Constitution and bylaws.  Qualifying attendees may sign the roster indicating that they are now voting members.  

FOURTH – A third meeting on December 10, 2017 will be a vote of the Voters’ Assembly to approve the new constitution.

 We are so thankful for your participation in the journey to replant our church here in central Long Beach, and pray for your continued support of our mission to connect hearts to Christ and restore neighbors to community!

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