Formally Establishing the Church

Since embarking on the “replant” of our congregation in June of 2015, we have been in a time of transition. During this time of transition, we have been without a formal constitution and by-laws. It is also during this time that we have, as a congregation, sought to define our unique mission in this place, and an appropriate governing structure to help accomplish that mission. 

During this time of transition, we have been led by an appointed Mission Team. As part of the Mission Team's charge, we have drafted a new constitution and by-laws which have been approved by the LCMS Pacific Southwest District Constitution Committee.

Now, our constitution and bylaws must be approved by the Voters’ Assembly.  However, we have to first establish a Voters’ Assembly!  The Mission Team has outlined a one-time process to accomplish this. 

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Year In Review

A lot has happened this past year at The Gathering. Here's just a few pictures of what went on.  


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Prayers for Healing

This past Saturday, a 26 year old wife and mother and her 4 year old daughter were gunned down halfway between my house and the church. On Sunday night, family, friends, and neighbors gathered to remember them and mourn their loss.

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To, For, or With

Prepositions have power. One small word can change everything: your meaning, your intent, and even the way that you live and interact with people.

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